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To Become a Wayne Modelers Member
To Become a Wayne Modelers Member

- First visit the field. We are located at the end of Barbour Pond Road behind the football field.
- Our field is a very difficult field to fly in and out of. You must have good flying skills or be assisted by an experienced member. If you are a junior flyer you MUST be accompanied by an experienced member.
- Do not fly at the field until you are an authorized member
- Review the Safety rules on our web page
- Our dues run the calendar year, they are not reduced for people who join late in the year. Dues are not refundable if you leave the club voluntarily or are ejected by the club officers.
- Contact the president @ mikejnewjersey@gmail.com for additional information
- You must first go through safety orientation/and flight certification before you can join.
Weather at the Field