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Wayne Modelers Safety Rules
 Formal Action will be determined by the club officers

The official AMA Safety Code as published in the AMA Model Regulations will be adhered to with no exceptions, Read it.

All transmitters must display an AMA type Channel ID affixed to the antenna, frequency flag optional.

Frequency Control Board No transmitter will be turned on until its channel is opened. Opening will consist of checking the board to verify that no card is in the channels slot. If the channel is not in use place a current membership card in the channels slot to declare it open and in use. If other members are on the same channel its use should be limited to 15 minutes per member.

Storage of aircraft and equipment shall be restricted to the pit area and the grass areas behind a line established by the pit fence. Tables may be used for working on aircraft if not being used for food and drinks . No engines will be started in the pit area.

Engine start up (fixed and rotary wing) will be performed on the pit side of the taxiway before the hold short line or the grass outside the pits. The aircraft should be pointed towards the runway and no one should be in front of or in the prop arc of the plane.

Aircraft departing the runway will stop and shut down the engine before reaching the hold short line. If the engine will not shut down the aircraft will divert into the grass along the taxiway where it will be manually shut down. No aircraft will be permitted to taxi into or out of the pit ares.

Extended engine run up (break in, tuning, troubleshooting) shall be performed outside the pits in the front of the parking lot fence or the tree line at the right end of the pits.  Engines may be clamped to the lockbox if it's not being used for food or drinks.

Pilot must stand on one of four pilot stations (flagstone markers) during the flight.

No flying over the pit, spectator or parking areas or the runway when anyone is on the field for an extended period (working on or retrieving a model).

No flying in a careless, reckless or dangerous manner as determined by the field safety officers.

No more than four aircraft (fixed or rotary wing) will be allowed in the air at the same time.

Each pilot will loudly announce his intentions, i.e., "Taking Off", "Landing", "Dead Stick", "On the Field", "Heads Up".

No intentional landings in the grass between the runway and the pilot stations.

The initial flight of a new aircraft and initial sessions of helicopter forward flight shall be given the courtesy of an empty sky.  Flight should be limited to fifteen minutes and the time arranged by discussions with the others flying.

Helicopter hovering practice shall be performed outside the pits in the grass at the far ends of the runway.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the Field.

No parking along the flight line fence.

All trash will be placed in the trash receptacles.  Leave the field like you found it.


We must fly in a manner that assumes that at any time our model may malfunction and pose a serious risk to anyone present.

In addition to the Wayne Modelers Safety Rules stated in the previous two pages all members will abide by the National Safety Code of the Academy of Model Aeronautics​ accessible via the link below.

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